Still Reading, Not Writing!


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pajamasIt’s hard to believe that 17 months have passed since I last wrote a blog. What happened? I suppose I could use the excuse that life took over, or more accurately, work of the paid variety took over, and certain elements of my usual routine got dropped by the wayside. Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress used to consume a fair amount of my leisure time and since the last two years involved a serious curtailment of these luxuries, I guess I’ve just answered my own question.

Finally having got around to deleting both my Facebook (plain creepy the way it connects you to others) and Twitter (so annoying since they increased the character count), I’ve made the decision to stick with my poor wee neglected WordPress blog. I’m thinking quality over quantity is always the best way to go! Getting notice of a ping back today prompted me to check out my stats and amazingly, people are still finding articles of interest here at Top of the Tent and stopping by to read them.

My last blog before this one was in December 2016 and it ended with a pledge to read more books in translation. I may not have reached my ambitious target of 50% of my overall reads, but I’m happy to report that although I put my blogging on the back burner, I never kicked my reading habit.

Back soon with some belated details of my 2017 reading stats and my general thoughts on reading works in translation….