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At last, I’ve found my way into wordpress.com and have somehow managed to set up a blog and stumble upon the ‘add new post’ tab. Feels good, but also slightly weird.

weird chicken

I’m one of those people who considers herself an introvert, whilst if she dares to mention this to anyone, they say, ‘What you? Are you kidding? You’re such an extrovert. You never shut up.’ I usually answer, ‘I’m Irish. It comes with the territory, plus, have you met my mum and sisters? We talk.’

So is it possible? Can you be both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time? Surely it’s a contradiction in terms, right? Well, according to something I read lately, not really. It’s possible to be an ‘ambivert’, ie, someone who is basically happy with their own company when at home, always managing to keep busy with something – you know, the kind of kid who never moans, ‘I’m bored’? I can relate to that. When I’m in the zone with my writing or absorbed in a good book, I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the eye with a sharp object if the phone rings. Worse than that even, if I look at the caller ID and see one of those ‘I’m just ringing for a chat’ friends, my heart sinks.

On the other hand, if I’ve got an invitation to go somewhere interesting, with people I love and whose company rivets me, you won’t see me for dust sand (I live in the desert) as I head out the door. Am I the life and soul of the party once I’m there? You betcha, but after a couple of hours or so, I’m looking at the watch and thinking my ears are going to pop if I don’t get away from all that noise.

What about you – intro- extro- or ambi-?