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Meeting is the beginning of parting. We’ve had our summer break on ‘The Auld Sod’ of Ireland and now it’s time to head back home to the United Arab Emirates. My next post will be from there, but for now, some unfinished business. Many thanks to Meticulous Mick for nominating my blog for the WordPress Versatile Blogger Award. What a fraud I am – I’ve been sporting the badge on my sidebar for almost a week and I’m only getting round to fulfilling my obligation now. And then there are the 7 ‘interesting’ facts about myself – even more fraudulent. I hope my 15 nominees will forgive me for sending some work their way. Of course, they don’t need to do anything, but I couldn’t refuse this nomination. I mean, have you seen MM’s photos?


The 7 Facts:

1. I love moths. The one above sat all day on a packing case the day we moved to Ras Al Khaimah. He flew off when it got dark.

2. I can’t swim. Floating is no problem but progressing through water? Impossible.

3. I watch 2 movies per year – 1 on each leg of my return flight from Dubai to Dublin.

4. I can never answer questions beginning, ‘What’s your favourite …?’

5. I haven’t had a TV for 7 years and don’t miss it.

6. In Europe, my shoe and dress size are the same.

7. I’m right-handed. When I write with a pen in each hand, the left one produces a mirror image.

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