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Are you lookin' at me?

Are you lookin’ at me?

We have some new arrivals for our family in Ras al Khaimah – 3 eggs hatched and 3 to go. One of our brave little hens, Blackadder, has been sitting on her outdoor nest for more than 3 weeks now, come rain, hail and shine. Okay, we haven’t had the hail in our part of the world, but we’ve had more rain than I can remember any winter since I moved here 7 years ago. The other night it fairly bucketed down, and poor Blackadder huddled on her nest under the hedge, the strength of her motherly instinct or perhaps animal drive to reproduce, forbidding her to abandon her unhatched brood.

The little grey fellow was the first to appear, followed by one of the yellow chicks yesterday and the second today. It was quite amazing to see how the first two welcomed the third when I placed her/him in their insulated, light-heated box a few hours ago. It was like: ‘Ah, welcome. You made it. A tough journey, no? Come on in, huddle up – we’re family!”


Yes - that is a muffin wrapper

Yes – that is a muffin wrapper