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My reason for asking this stems from a thought I had the other day after I posted on Twitter. I had a quote I felt like sharing (okay 9 followers isn’t much sharing especially when one of them is your brother) and I thought, why not post something from my own writing? The line I chose was one that several reviewers of Dreams of Yasmeen had singled out for praise. So, I copied it, pasted it into my Tweet and of course it was too long for the 140 character limit. No problem, a spot of judicious pruning (ie, yet another edit) and it’d fit.

Here’s the original:

A lone bee flirted with the overhanging bougainvillea, a kiss here, a flutter of the wings there, before choosing one shocking-pink bloom to molest shamelessly.

And here’s what I ended up with for Twitter:

A lone bee flirted with the bougainvillea. A kiss, a flutter of wings, before shamelessly molesting one pink bloom.

Yes, I know that's not bougainvillea!

Yes, I know that’s not bougainvillea!

Once I’d finished the Tweet, I began to feel that the first version is over-written. So maybe, becoming slightly Twitter-brained (at least when editing) can indeed help with your writing.

What do you think?