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This heading paraphrases Michael Hartnett, one of the Irish poets who has featured quite regularly on this blog. It came to me the other day after I’d been interviewed for two different websites about my recent success in a couple of short story competitions. I’m posting links to the interviews here because a number of new writers have commented that they found the tips and advice helpful. The Bath 2015 anthology was launched last week, hence the picture:


The interviews by Marie Gethins and Jude Higgins are a pretty accurate reflection of how I work and what I think about the process of writing short fiction. Both asked about writing tips and I don’t think I’ve contradicted myself. I certainly wouldn’t have answered the way I did 2 or 3 years ago, which just goes to prove that doing really is learning. Reading Q & As with published writers helped me a great deal in the early stages of my fiction writing and I hope you’ll find something useful in what I have to say. Here are the links:

  1. Marie Gethins interview at The Short Story
  2. Jude Higgins interview at Bath Short Story Award

The Bath 2015 Anthology is available from various sources as a paperback or e-book. Please see here for details.